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Extraction and detection of baculoviral DNA from lake water, detritus and forest litter. 2001. England, L.S.; Trevors, J.T.; Holmes, S.B. Journal of Applied Microbiology 90: 630-636.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18681

Language: English

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This paper describes a quick, reproducible, sensitive method for baculoviral DNA extraction, purification and detection from freshwater and forest litter environments. The extraction protocol utilizes enzymatic and chemical lysis and physical disruption. To assess the efficiency of the extraction and purification protocol, PCR was used to detect a 530 bp DNA fragment from the genome of a genetically modified baculovirus, Choristoneura fumerana NPVegt-/lacZ+. The detection limit of PCR amplification was routinely about 4.1 x 102 occlusion bodies (OBs) 450 ┬Ál-1 lake water. Template DNA from the detritus and forest litter samples required 100-fold dilutions before use in PCR reactions. The detection limits for detritus and forest litter samples were routinely about 7.41 x103 and 2.08 x 104 OBs 0.5 g-1 dry weight, respectively. The DNA extraction and purification methodology is reproducible, sensitive and can be used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, insect bioassays. The DNA extraction and purification protocol described in this paper will facilitate risk assessment and ecological studies of both wild-type and genetically modified baculoviruses.