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Manipulating succession: Theoretical consideratin of a non-chemical alternative to vegetation management on rights-of-ways in certain forest ecosystems. 1997. Titus, B.D. Pages 149-153 in P.G. Comeau and G.J. Harper, compilers. Expert Committee on Weeds, Proceedings: of the 1996 National Meeting. December 9-12, 1996, Victoria, BC. BC Ministry of Forests, Victoria, BC.

Year: 1997

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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Various ericaceous shrubs have been implicated in regeneration and growth inhibition in temperate and boreal forests around the world. There should be the potential to turn this shrub-tree problem to advantage where rights-of-ways exist in forested ecosystems with an ericaceous component. Although establishment may take some years, the existence of permanent ericaceous heaths through continued anthropogenic removal of forests in Atlantic Canada suggests that the potential exists to create the same kind of communities on rights-of-ways through judicious intervention. The topic is explored using Kalmia angustifolia as a case study. Other species of potential use are discussed, and then a research screening protocol is outlined which should help managers to define appropriate control species.