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The carabid beetles of insular Newfoundland (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindellidae): 30 years after Lindroth. 1982. Larson, D.J.; Langor, D.W. The Canadian Entomologist 114(7): 591-597.

Year: 1982

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 19283

Language: English

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The present carabid beetle fauna (sensu Lindroth 1955, including Carabidae and Cicindellidae) of Newfoundland is compared with that observed by C. H. Lindroth 30 years ago. Five additional species are now known bringing the faunal total to 171 species. Two of these additional species, Chlaenius alternates and Lebia moesta are Nearctic while Carabus granulatus, Leistus ferrugineus, and Bembidion properans are of Palaearctic origin. The known ranges of an additional seven introduced species have increased. The patterns of these range changes support two models of Palaearctic species establishment in Newfoundland: by direct human-assisted introduction onto the island; and through flight across the Cabot Strait by winged species initially established on the North American mainland.