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Effect of surface active agents on the production of biopesticides using wastewater sludge as a raw material. 2001. Vidyarthi, A.S.; Tyagi, R.D.; Valéro, J.R. Water Sci. Technol. 44: 253-259.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 19577

Language: English

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Effect of surface active agents on the production of Bacillus thuringiensis based biopesticides using secondary wastewater sludge as a raw material was studied. The experiments were conducted in a shake flask and nine different commercial surface active agents were used at a concentration of 0.2% (v/v). The sludge samples after addition of surface active agents were sterilised at 121°C for 30 min. The progress of biopesticide production was monitored by measuring viable cells and viable spores counts. The entomotoxicity was determined through bioassay against 3rd instar larvae of spruce budworm. ATPLUS 522, Tween 80 and Tween 85 increased the entomotoxicity potential in comparison to the control. The highest increase of 24% in entomotoxicity was observed when sludge was fortified with Tween 80.