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Equations and FORTRAN program for the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System. 1985. Van Wagner, C.E.; Pickett, T.L. Canadian Forestry Service, Petawawa National Forestry Institute, Chalk River, Ontario. Forestry Technical Report 33. 18 p.

Year: 1985

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 19973

Language: English

Series: Forestry Technical Report (CFS - Ottawa)

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Improved official equations are presented for the 1984 version of the Canadian Forest Fires Weather Index System. The most recent mathematical refinements serve to further rationalize the Fine Fuel Moisture Code and render it more compatible with other developments in the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System. The effect of these changes is so slight that no problems are anticipated in converting from the previous version to this new one. Also given is a FORTRAN program intended as a standard for processing the equations in their most accurate mathematical form.

Also available under the title:
Équations et programme FORTRAN de l’indice forêt-météo de la méthode canadienne (French)