Canadian Forest Service Publications

Forest tree seed production. 1985. Owens, J.N.; Blake, M.D. Canadian Forestry Service, Petawawa National Forestry Institute, Chalk River, Ontario. Information Report PI-X-53. 161 p.

Year: 1985

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 19992

Language: English

Series: Information Report (Petawawa)

Availability: PDF (download)

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This review describes the reproductive processes of most economically important north temperate conifer and harwood species. It contains essential background information needed by everyone concerned with seed production. The following topics are covered within a developmental framework: (1) variation in reproductive cycles; (2) times and patterns of floral initiative; (3) environmental factors affecting floral initiation; (4) floral induction and enhancement; (5) pollen and pollination; (6) gametophyte development and fertilization; and,(7) seed development. The physiology and ecology of these processes are examined and where possible cultural, physiological, and management techniques which have been shown to affect seed production are also discussed. A summary, and recommendations for future research, concludes each chapter.

Also available under the title:
Production de semences forestières (French)