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Effects of nonylphenol adjuvant on macrophytes. 1986. Prasad, R.P. Pages 52-61 in P.N.P Chow, C.A. Grant, A.M. Hinshalwood, and E. Simundsson, editors. Adjuvants and Agrochemicals Volume 1, Mode of action and physiological activity, Proceedings: International Symposium. August 5-7, 1986, Brandon, Manitoba. CRC Press Inc, Boca Raton, Florida.

Year: 1986

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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Nonylphenol, a nonionic adjuvant, constitutes an "inert" ingredient of the insecticide aminocarb (Matacil) formulation which is used for protection of forest against the spruce budworm in Canada. Under laboratory conditions, experiments carried out with nonylphenol showed that it was toxic to macrophytes (Lemna minor L> and Salvinia molesta Mitchell) at very low concentrations and that this toxicity probably resulted from disintegration of chloroplast membranes. Studies with {14C}-nonylphenol showed penetration and accumulation of the material in the cells, and ultrastructural studies of Lemna fronds showed possible deleterious effects of nonylphenol on photosynthetic apparatus.