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Durandiella pseudotsugae n. sp.; taxonomy, cultural characteristics, life history, and host response. 1962. Funk, A. Canadian Journal of Botany 40(2): 331-335.

Year: 1962

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Language: English

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DOI: 10.1139/b62-032

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The perfect state of Chondropodium pseudotsugae White is shown to be a new species of Durandiella, for which the name D. pseudotsugae is proposed. Maximum growth in culture is obtained on corn meal agar at 15 °C. Apothecia are produced in the spring; the ascospores are forcibly discharged; pycnidia persist throughout the summer and discharge spores only when moistened. The host response of Douglas fir is the production of a "button" of persistent secondary periderm beneath the infected area.



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