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Seed viability of three Salix species after 24 months' storage at two moisture contents and four temperatures. 2002. Daigle, B.I.; Simpson, J.D. Pages 40-45 in C.A. Thanos, T. Beardmore, K.F. Connor, and E.L.,Jr. Tolentino, editors. Tree Seeds 2002, Proceedings: 2002 Annual Meeting of IUFRO 2.09.00. September 11-15, 2002, Chania, Crete. University of Athens Publications, Athens, Greece.

Year: 2002

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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Seed of Salix bebbiana, S. discolor, and S. eriocephala was stored at two moisture contents (5.1-7.3% and 8.5-9.8%) and four temperatures (4, -20, -80, and -196 C) for 24 months. Seed stored at 4 C did not maintain viability. Storage at sub-freezing temperatures maintained seed viability for 24 months with little variation among treatments. Results demonstrate that cryopreservation of Salix seed is possible but does not offer any significant advantage over traditional storage at -20 C.