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Bringing "blue sky biology" down to earth: linking natural products research with commercialization. 2002. Cameron, S.I.; Smith, R.F. Pages 31-39 in , Proceedings: 29th Annual Meeting of the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America. July 28-August 1, 2002, Halifax, N.S. Plant Growth Regulation Society of America, LaGrange, GA, USA.

Year: 2002

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

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There are thousands of bioactive phytochemicals with potential or established nutraceutical, medicinal or pharmaceutical applications. The challenges in developing crops for commercail extraction of bioactive comounds are twofold: 1) which plants are realistic candidates for research directed at commercialization, and 2) for a selected phytochemical or species, what additional market-related factors must be considered in developing a new crop? Using both existing medicinal crops and the CFS experience with Taxus canadensis to provide examples, some market factors that must be considered prior to commercialization are discussed.