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Forest information extraction from high spatial resolution images using an individual tree crown approach. 2003. Gougeon, F.A.; Leckie, D.G. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC. Information Report BC-X-396E. 27 p.

Year: 2003

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 21272

Language: English

Series: Information Report (PFC - Victoria)

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Most foresters would agree that there is a pressing need to improve the precision, accuracy, timeliness, completeness and cost-effectiveness of forest information. These goals may be difficult to reach without a major shift in paradigm such as the one presented in this report: the computer analysis of high spatial resolution (10-100 cm/pixel) multispectral aerial or satellite images to produce individual-tree-crown–based (ITC -based) forest inventories. This report describes some of the techniques, methods and tools for ITC-based information extraction that have been developed by the Canadian Forest Service over the last fifteen years, and it summarizes some of the results related to the production of highly detailed forest inventories. Other forestry applications of an ITC-based approach are also briefly mentioned. The recent availability of high spatial resolution (cm/pixel) satellites delivering good quality images of map sheet size should make the production of ITC-based inventories very efficient.

Also available under the title:
Extraction d’information forestière à partir d’images à haute résolution spatiale en utilisant une méthode de reconnaissance individuelle des cimes d’arbres (French)