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Direct seeding black spruce on peatlands: Fifth-year results. 1994. Groot, A.; Adams, M.J. The Forestry Chronicle 70(5): 585-592.

Year: 1994

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 21788

Language: English

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Black spruce seedspol and broadcast seeding experiments were ciimpleied on peaJtends ;tt row locations in northeastern Ontario. Poorly decomposed Spltagnian peoi nas the best seedbed tor black spruee, with establishment ratios from 20 to SO seedlings per 100 seeds sown. An effective seeding cue (aciual seeding rate X receplive seedbed area fraction) of six or seven seeds perquaJrai is required to obtain quadrai slocking of 8091 or greater. Fifth-year seedling heights averaged from 8 to 17 cm. Black spruce advance growth iv often an important source of regeneration on peatlunds and must be considered in developing seeding prescriptions.