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Pharmocokinetics, metabolism and toxicity of the plant-derived photoxin-terthienyl. 1995. Marles, R.J.; Durst, T.; Kobaisy, M.; Soucy-Breau, C.; Abou-Zaid, M.M.; Arnason, J.T.; Kacew, S.; Kanjanapothi, D.; Rujjanawate, C.; Meckes, M.; Lozoya, X. Pharmacology Toxicology 77: 164-168.

Year: 1995

Available from: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 21947

Language: English

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The plant-derived insecticide. a-terthienyl was prepared by synthesis as 3' ,4' -di[4C]-a-terthienyl for pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies. When administered orally to rats at a single dose of 50 mg/kg, excretion of the labelled material was maximal one day after administration and declined to no measurable quantities by day 4. Tho metabolites [1.4-di(2'·thienyl)I ,4-butadione and 2-2'-bithiophene-5-<:arboxylic acid] and trace quantities of the parent material were isolated from the urine and chemically identified. These represent the first metabolites of a.tenhienyl identified. In pilot acute and subacute trials, unlabelled a-terthienyl was non-toxic when administered orally to rats as the "ready to use" formulation (0.1% active ingredient). The pure compound had an LO", of 110 mgikg when administered intraperitoneally to rats. The results suggest that there is considerable separation with respect to mosquito larvae and non-target mammal sensitivity.

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