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Revision of the Nearctic Silusa (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae) 2003. Klimaszewski, J.; Pohl, G.R.; Pelletier, G. The Canadian Entomologist 135: 159-186.

Year: 2003

Available from: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 22742

Language: English

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revision of the Canadian species of the genus Silusa Erichson is presented. In this contribution, we treat six species recently discovered in Canada, one of which is a new species from Alberta, Silusa langori Klimaszewski sp. nov. The distribution records for two species are greatly expanded. Silusa californica Bernhauer is now known from Alaska, Minnesota, Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia (previous records: British Columbia, California). Silusa vesperis Casey is now known from Washington and British Columbia (previous record: California). For two other species, there are first records for Canada and one new United States state record. Silusa alternans Sachse is now known from Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and New Hampshire (previous records: Georgia, New York), and Silusa densa Fenyes is now known from Alberta (previous record: California). Silusa valens Casey is here considered as a synonym of S. alternans. Silusa rutilans Casey and S. modica Casey are confirmed to belong to Leptusa Kraatz, and both are here considered as new synonyms of Leptusa canonica Casey. Silusa gracilis Sachse and S. nanula Casey are also confirmed to belong to the genus Leptusa. The following lectotypes are newly designated for species described on the basis of syntypes: S. alternans Sachse and S. californica Bernhauer. New data are provided on the systematics, relationships, bionomics, and distribution for all Nearctic species of America north of Mexico. Diagnoses and illustrations of external and genital features are provided for all species, and the distribution of each is discussed and shown on maps. A key to the species occurring in Canada is presented.