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Transgene integration patterns and expression levels in transgenic tissue lines of Picea mariana, P. glauca and P. abies. 2003. Klimaszewska, K.; Lachance, D.A.; Bernier-Cardou, M.; Rutledge, R.G. Plant Cell Rep. 21: 1080-1087.

Year: 2003

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 22759

Language: English

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Seventy transgenic tissue lines (translines) of three spruce species (Picea mariana, P. glauca and P. abies) were characterized with respect to the integration pattern of the gus (β-glucuronidase) gene, and the level of GUS activity was determined in 81 lines. The majority of the P. mariana translines (18 lines of 22) integrated multicopies of the transgene, whereas mostly single integrations were detected in the other two species. The activity levels of GUS varied widely among the individual translines of P. mariana, and there was a strong indication that the logarithm of GUS activity increased with the number of gus copies (P=0.0003) in lines with one to five known insertions (uncensored). The average level of GUS activity, in lines that integrated one gene copy, was the highest in white spruce followed by black spruce and Norway spruce (22.7, 16.5 and 6.3 nmol 4-methylumbelliferone min-1 mg-1 protein, respectively).