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Development and application of an ecologically based remote sensing legend system for the Kananaskis, Alberta remote sensing test corridor (subalpine forest region). 1974. Legge, A.H.; Jaques, D.R.; Poulton, C.E.; Kirby, C.L.; van Eck, P.I. In Proceedings of the International Society for Photogrammetry Meeting, October 7-11, 1974, Banff, Alberta. University of Calgary, Environmental Sciences Centre, Calgary, Alberta. 29 p.

Year: 1974

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 23875

Language: English

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The development and application of an ecologically based remote sensing legend system designed for multistage inventory of earth resources and land use is presented for the Kananaskis, Alberta Remote Sensing Test Corridor. The symbolic legend follows a computercompatible decimal system and devisive hierarchical logic. The system provides for treatment of natural vegetation, vegetation height and crown closure classes and land uses that have changed the natural landscape. Also in a fundamental ecological context, the legend system provides for assessment of those features of the physical environment that are important in land and resource management and that may generally be identified or indexed from image features by qualified interpreters. These environmental features include: macrorelief, land-forms, surficial geology and soils. In the present study, these physical features of the landscape were not given detailed consideration. A four stage resource inventory example from the ERTS-I satellite (1:1,000,000) to 1:29.000 aircraft imagery illustrates how the natural ecological units of the landscape become the common denominator and facilitate information transfer through application of a unified legend.