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Accounting for natural resources in the Foothills Model Forest. 2004. Patriquin, M.N.; Spence, M.M.; White, W.A. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. Information Report NOR-X-398. 24 p.

Year: 2004

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25010

Language: English

Series: Information Report (NoFC - Edmonton)

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The perceived deficiencies of the standard national accounting framework in addressing issues of sustainability have prompted the development of natural resource accounts. Many countries, including Canada, have adopted some system of natural resource and environmental accounting to augment their national accounts. Natural resource accounting is a relatively inexpensive and innovative method of assessing benefits flowing from a landscape and should be considered by government and industry for inclusion in various planning initiatives such as Detailed Forest Management Plans, land and resource management plans, and integrated resource management initiatives. While natural resource accounts are becoming more common on a national scale, regional applications are limited. This study attempts to fill this gap through the development of a natural resource account for the Foothills Model Forest study region. This natural resource account represents a baseline of values that can be used to assess the progress of Weldwood of Canada Limited toward specific objectives related to resource management goals. Market and nonmarket activities are valued to provide a better indication of the net benefits that flow from the regional landscape compared to the traditional approach, which considers only market values. The net income derived from the Foothills Model Forest landscape in 1996 was estimated at $615.4 million. Commercial activities accounted for $508.6 million (82.7%) and nonmarket components for the remaining $106.8 million (17.3%).