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A revision of Canadian Leptusa Kraatz (Col., Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae): new species, new distribution records, key and taxonomic considerations. 2004. Klimaszewski, J.; Pelletier, G.; Majka, C.G. Belgian J. Entomol. 6: 3-42.

Year: 2004

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25292

Language: English

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A revision of the Canadian species of the genus Leptusa KRAATZ is presented. Seventeen valid species are recognized in America north of Mexico, nine of which occur in Canada. Three species are new to science, one represents new Canadian (NCR), and five new provincial (NPR) or state records (NSR): L. brevicollis CASEY (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia – NPR, Ontario, Prince Edward Island – NPR, Quebec – NPR; Massachusetts – NSR, Vermont – NSR), L. canonica CASEY (Nova Scotia – NPR, Ontario, Quebec – NPR), L. carolinensis PACE (Nova Scotia, Quebec – NCR), L. cribratula (CASEY) (Ontario – NPR, Quebec), L. elegans BLATCHLEY (Ontario, Quebec - NPR), L. gatineauensis KLIMASZEWSKI & PELLETIER, sp. nov. (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec), L. jucunda KLIMASZEWSKI & MAJKI, sp. nov. (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec), L. opaca CASEY (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia – NPR, Ontario - NPR, Prince Edward Island – NPR, Quebec – NPR;) and L. pseudopaca KLIMASZEWSKI & MAJKA, sp. nov. (Nova Scotia, Quebec; New Hampshire; West Virginia – NCR, NSR). All species occurring in Canada are redescribed, colour habitus images and line drawings of genitalia are provided and species distribution in Canada is plotted on the maps. In addition, a key to the Canadian species and a checklist of all species of America north of Mexico is given.