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Monitoring Canada’s forests: The National Forest Inventory. 2005. Gillis, M.D.; Omule, A.Y.; Brierley, T. The Forestry Chronicle 81(2): 214-221.

Year: 2005

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25408

Language: English

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A new national forest inventory is being installed in Canada. For the last 20 years, Canada’s forest inventory has been a compilation of inventory data from across the country.Although this method has a number of advantages, it lacks information about the nature and rate of changes to the resource, and does not permit projections or forecasts. To address these limitations a new National Forest Inventory (NFI) was developed to monitor Canada’s progress in meeting a commitment towards sustainable forest management, and to satisfy requirements for national and international reporting. The purpose of the new inventory is to “assess and monitor the extent, state and sustainable development of Canada’s forests in a timely and accurate manner.” The NFI consists of a plot-based system of permanent observational units located on a national grid. A combination of ground plot, photo plot and remote sensing data are used to capture a set of basic attributes that are used to derive indicators of sustainability. To meet the monitoring needs a re-measurement strategy and framework to guide the development of change estimation procedures has been worked out. A plan for implementation has been drafted. The proposed plan is presented and discussed in this paper.