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Activités de gestion des végétaux de Forêts Canada. Recueil de résumés 1989-1990. 1991. Oswald, E.T. Forêts Canada, Administration centrale, Ottawa. 130 p.

Year: 1991

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 25506

Language: French

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 Forestry Canada has been involved with vegetation management for reforestation following logging for several years. Much of the initial work was centered around the use and registration of herbicides. Public concern about the use of chemicals has fostered an effort to find alternative vegetation control techniques. Several types of equipment have been used for site preparation across Canada, but further assessments are required on the impact much of the equipment has on the site. The primary objective of site preparation is to enhance the establishment and growth of the next crop of trees. The use of improved planting stock and techniques can alleviate some aspects of site preparation on some sites. Prescribed fire has several attributes suitable for site preparation, but due to environmental concerns such as smoke emission and nutrient loss, should be used only where other techniques are not available.
 Summaries of past and present research in vegetation management conducted by Forestry Canada are presented. Most studies are still in progress, thus few conclusions are given. The summaries are arranged alphabetically by senior author within each Forestry Canada region beginning with eastern Canada and progressing to the west coast. The final chapter attempts to summarize the work being done, and presents a table to assist in locating personnel working on specific aspects of vegetation management. The appendices provide addresses to contact Forestry Canada personnel in more information is desired about a study. We also encourage personnel of other agencies working on vegetation management to cooperate with the ongoing task of keeping abreast of what is being done in the field by submitting summaries of their work for inclusion in our database.

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Vegetation management activities of Forestry Canada (English)