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A New Simulator for the Spread of Forest Root Diseases by Individual Root Contacts. 2005. Peet, F.G.; Hunt, R.S. Forest Science 51(5): 425-437.

Year: 2005

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25814

Language: English

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A new simulator for the spread of forest root diseases, and the testing of it, is presented. It differs from earlier models in that it represents a first step to incorporate the basic processes of spread by individual root contact. It therefore has a generality that allows its use in different host–pathogen and geographic situations. It stochastically grows individual roots longitudinally outward from the stem. They are tapered, turn, and contact other roots as they grow. The simulator transfers fungus stochastically at points of contact between healthy roots and infected stump or tree roots and moves the fungus along infected tree roots stochastically. The fungus can girdle the rootcollar, move out into other roots, and eventually kill the tree. Growth of roots and fungus movement along infected roots is on an annual basis for up to 200 years. Root growth, fungus growth along roots, disease spread, and stand openings are displayed dynamically in color on the computer screen as the simulation proceeds. Estimates for numbers of infected trees and mortality are provided in tabular and graphical form. Results from the simulator were close to the field data it was tested against.