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Remote sensing in the survey of mountain pine beetle impacts: Review and recommendations. 2005. Wulder, M.A.; Dymond, C.C.; White, J.C. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC. Information Report BC-X-401. 56 p.

Year: 2005

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25842

Language: English

Series: Information Report (PFC - Victoria)

Availability: PDF (download)

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In this report, we review the literature relevant to the previous and current contributions of remote sensing to the survey of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins) impacts. The potential and limits of remotely sensed data for the detection and mapping of mountain pine beetle impacts are identified and synthesized. Following this synthesis, recommendations are made regarding those methods or data sources that currently have operational potential, and those methods or data sources that warrant further research in support of ongoing planning and management activities. This report emphasizes that the key to the successful application of remotely sensed data for mountain pine beetle survey and detection is to match the sensor to the information requirements for managing mountain pine beetle. The data available from field collection, airborne surveys, and remote sensing can form a multi-stage design, where small-scale characterizations (large area, lower cost) may be used to determine where large-scale data (smaller area, higher cost) are collected. In this way, information obtained from remotely sensed data can complement and enhance existing information on mountain pine beetle impacts.