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Assessing change in Canada's forest resource 1977-1981. 1986. Honer, T.G. The Forestry Chronicle 62(5): 423-428.

Year: 1986

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 2594

Language: English

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The statistics on Canada's forest resource for the period 1977–1981 show that annual accruals to timber volume are about 338 million m3 and annual withdrawals total about 287 million m3. This results in an average annual increase in standing timber volume of about 51 million m3 or 0.2%. In terms of land area, about 1.77 million ha were added annually to the stocked productive forest land base whereas annual withdrawals comprised 2.22 million ha. As a result about 452 000 ha of forest land go out of production annually as being not satisfactorily restocked to commercial tree species. Continued erosion of the land base for forestry could result in approximately 14% or 31 million ha of forest land being out of production by the year 2000. Since 1981, federal-provincial agreements to renew the forest have totalled $1.057 billion and emphasis is on planting the backlog of lands that are not satisfactorily restocked. The forestry data base needs improvement and recommendations are presented that could enhance existing classifications and demonstrate the increased productivity attributable to forest renewal funding.