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Hemlock and larch dwarf mistletoe seed dispersal. 1966. Smith, R.B. Forestry Chronicle 42(4): 395-401.

Year: 1966

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25941

Language: English

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During 1964-65, approximately 49,050 hemlock dwarf mistletoe seeds were dispersed from a severely infected 35-ft. western hemlock tree, and 3,750 larch mistletoe seeds were dispersed from a lightly infected 63-ft. western larch tree. Seeds were trapped over an area 5,800 ft.2 in extent around the hemlock, and over an area of 2,200 ft.2 around the larch.

The peak of larch mistletoe seed dissemination was about 1 month earlier than for hemlock. Seed counts for both years and both mistletoes were highest in the southwest and least in the northeast quadrants of the trapping areas.

It was firmly established that small trees, even if lightly infected, are a serious potential sources of dwarf mistletoe seed; they must be removed if satisfactory dwarf mistletoe control is to be achieved.