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Provenance hybrids in jack pine: 15-year results in eastern Canada. 1988. Magnussen, S.; Yeatman, C.W. Silvae Genetica 38(5-6): 206-218.

Year: 1988

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25971

Language: English

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Results of height growth, stem form, injury and branch angle at age 15 (16 in one case) are reported for 26 Pinus banksiana provenance hybrids and 16 control provenances at six sites in eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick). Variations in stem form, tree status and branch angle were comparable in hybrids and provenances, with greater differences within provenances and hybrids than between the 2 groups. Hybrid height growth adjusted for the effects of damage was, as a rule, intermediate to that of its control provenances; hybrids captured on average 68 per cent of the difference between control provenances. No hybrid significantly exceeded the best control provenance. Examples of hybrid or provenance tree heights in excess of results obtained with local unimproved seed sources were very rare. A strong genotype x environment interaction for tree height on five sites was found for 11 of the 37 tested entries. These entries had below-average rank stability and above-average regression coefficients of height versus local height. Hybrids had environmental stability intermediate to that of the control provenances.