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Performance of five tropical tree species on four sites in Zaïre. 1995. Khasa, P.D.; Vallée, G.; Li, P.; Magnussen, S.; Camire, C.; Bousquet, J. Commonwealth Forestry Review 74(2): 129-138.

Year: 1995

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 25973

Language: English

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Five exotic fast-growing tropical tree species (Racosperma auriculiforme, R. mangium, Eucalyptus urophylla, Cassia siamea, and Leuceana leucocephala) were tested on four different sites in Zaïre in order to assess their growth, adaptability, and wood density. Growth and morphology (height, diameter, number of stems, branch angle, stem straightness), survival percentage and wood density were measured at 21 months. Both site and species effects were significant in all reported traits. However, the rank of species changed across sites, indicating significant species x environment interactions. Ranking of species for growth and adaptability over all sites was in the following descending order: R. auriculiforme, E. urophylla, R. mangium, C. siamea, and L. Leucocephala. L. leucocephala was the least adapted species but because of the importance of L. leucocephala in agroforestry systems, it is important to improve the prospects for Leucaena cultivation in Zaïre through additional testing to identify and create improved varieties. Investigations on native species for reforestation and land restoration are also needed.