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Pesticide management and regulations in Canada . [In Chinese. English abstract.] 2005. Li, S.Y. Pages 468-474 in T.X. Liu and L. Kang, editors. Entomological research: progress and prospect. The Science Press, Beijing, China, Ottawa.

Year: 2005

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Although chemical pesticide have some negative side-effects on human health and the environment, they have played a significant role in increasing crop yield and improving crop quality in the past several decades and will continue their important roles in the war between human being and pests in the future. Under present crop production ecosystem, it is almost impossible to produce high-yield and high-quality crop products without using pesticides to control pests. However, we have to minimize adverse effects of pesticides by using them wisely. In this chapter, the author describes the current situations of pesticide uses, pesticide management system and pesticide regulations in Canada. Responsibilities of federal, provincial and municipal governments in the pesticide management and regulations were briefly described. The future directions for pesticide development were also discussed.