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Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) of the boreal mixedwood forest near Lac La Biche, Alberta, including new provincial records. 2004. Pohl, G.R.; Langor, D.W.; Landry, J.-F.; Spence, J.R. Canadian Field-Naturalist 118(4): 530-549.

Year: 2004

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 26103

Language: English

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Lepidoptera were collected, primarily via UV light trap, for three seasons in the boreal mixedwood forest near Lac La Biche, Alberta. A total of 11,111 specimens were collected, representing 41 families and 438 species. A species list with flight times is presented. The total Lepidoptera community was estimated to be 546 ±23.34 species. Abundance and species richness peaked in late July. Thirty-five species constitute new records for Alberta, while one species, Acanthopteroctetes bimaculata, is a new record for Canada, and the first record of the family Acanthopteroctetidae in Canada.