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Critical analysis of the relationship between local ownership and community resiliency. 2006. Varghese, J.; Krogman, N.T.; Beckley, T.M.; Nadeau, S. Rural Sociology 71: 505-527.

Year: 2006

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 26353

Language: English

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Collectively, current resource-development literature has given little attention to organizational features of ownership as important variables in community resilience. By drawing from six local buyout cases in Canada's forest sector, we reveal the complexity and numerous constraints on local ownership and expose a more nuanced context than most sociologists tend to consider. Our findings suggest that the meaning of local ownership and community resiliency varies depending upon the composition (e.g., private vs. public; mill vs. forest license vs. coupled mill & forest license), type (social, cooperative, trust and/or direct-share ownership), extent of ownership (percentage of local vs. extra-local shares), and the level of control (e.g., proportion of locally held seats on the Board of Directors) associated with ownership. Future research on local ownership should more carefully differentiate between the nature of local ownership and its associated outcomes.