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Understanding self-evaluations of effectiveness by forestry advisory committee members: A case of Ontario's Local Citizens Committee members. 2007. Hunt, L.M.; McFarlane, B.L. Journal of Environmental Management 83(1): 105-114.

Year: 2007

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 26700

Language: English

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Researchers have devised many criteria that could assist with the development of an effective public participation process. Few studies, however, have linked these criteria to the effectiveness of decision-making resulting from these processes. We assess whether several criteria postulated by others for designing an effective decision-making process are associated with evaluations of the effectiveness of decision-making by advisory group members from a forest management planning process in Ontario, Canada. Data were collected by written questionnaires from 197 advisory group members in 2001. Four criteria were linked to the effectiveness evaluations including process control (influence), trust in decision-makers, information credibility, and process efficiency. The criterion of knowledge along with contextual variables related to experience, economic dependence on forestry, and geographical residence were not associated with evaluations of effectiveness.