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WRS-Canada: Web-accessible Landsat selection and stratification system. 2001. Wulder, M.A.; Seemann, D.; Low, B. Pages 895-898 (Vol. 2) in M. Bernier and C. Duguay, editors. 23rd Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Proceedings: Remote sensing in the third millennium: from global to local. August 21-24, 2001, Université Laval, Sainte-Foy, Québec. Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Ottawa.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 26718

Language: English

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A system for image cataloguing and stratification at the national level is possible through the merging of the Landsat Worldwide Reference System (WRS) and Canadian national spatial data sets representing land cover, elevation, and population characteristics. The merging of the WRS grid system with other spatial data allows users to query the expected contents of each WRS frame and summarise these results nationally. Queries may also be nested to allow for insights to images appropriate for monitoring of forest change activities.

The information generated from adding spatial information to the WRS grid allows for improved image selection for various sampling designs to provide national or regional information. For large area Landsat mapping projects, the WRS system is an appropriate spatial cataloguing and query framework. In this communication, we present a brief summary of the data utilised and how each of these datum were created as well as the results of some queries. We also present the National Forest Information System as a means for accessing the WRS.