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Potential of Beauveria bassiana (Hyphomycetes: Moniliales) for controlling the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi (Col., Curculionidae). 2007. Trudel, R.; Lavallée, R.; Guertin, C.; Côté, C.; Todorova, S.I.; Alfaro, R.; Kope, H.H. J. Appl. Entomol. 131(2): 90-97.

Year: 2007

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 26995

Language: English

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Studies were conducted under laboratory conditions to document the potential of Beauveria bassiana conidia applications for controlling the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi (Peck). A screening test including six B. bassiana isolates allowed us to demonstrate that CFL (Centre de foresterie des Laurentides) and IP-CPB (Île Perrault-charançon du pin blanc) were the most virulent isolates among the ones tested, with percentages of mortality after 3 weeks of 73% and 85.5%, respectively. These two B. basiana isolates were applied either onto soil or branch sections to compare the effectiveness of these potential control strategies. Greater than 75% mortality was observed within 3 weeks for both modes of application using suspensions of B. bassiana at a concentration of 1.0 X 108 (soil application) and 1.0 X 109 conidia/ml (branch application). The results demonstrate for the first time that B. bassiana is an effective entomopathogen against P. strobi.