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Forest inventories in Canada: A framework for change. 1987. Bonnor, G.M.; Magnussen, S. The Forestry Chronicle 63(3): 193-198.

Year: 1987

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 2711

Language: English

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A forest inventory System for the acquisition of static and dynamic data, as well as for inventory updating, is developed and demonstrated.

In the system, a conventional management type of inventory is completed every 20 years to obtain static data. Some or all sample plots are permanent. Every five years, the area changes are mapped and compiled. These changes include additions and deletions of forest areas as well as changes in the existing forest due to harvesting, forest fires, and other disturbances. Also, plots are remeasured to estimate volume growth on the undisturbed areas and volume losses on the disturbed areas. Finally, the area and volume change data are applied to the initial static inventory to produce updated inventory figures.

As an example, the system was applied to an area of mixedwood forests in the upper Ottawa Valley. The results indicate that the system is practical and yields useful summaries.