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Fungal endophytes: unsuspected potential. 2007. Bérubé, J.A. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre, Ste-Foy, Quebec. Branching out Number 34. 1 p.

Year: 2007

Available from: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 27366

Language: English

Series: Branching Out (LFC - Québec)

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In natural forests, trees interact with countless microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. Fungal endophytes are an important part of these microorganisms.

Fungal endophytes are microscopic fungi that live undetected in the leaves, branches, trunks and roots of trees. We still know very little about them because they generally cause no problems to their host. However, they are an important reservoir of biodiversity in forest ecosystems.

Also available under the title:
Les champignons endophytes : un potentiel insoupçonné. L’éclaircie du Service canadien des forêts, Centre de foresterie des Laurentides. No. 34. (French)



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