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Lodgepole pine logging slash. 1966. Muraro, S.J. Government of Canada, Department of Forestry and Rural Development, Headquarters, Ottawa. Departmental Publication 1153. 14 p.

Year: 1966

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 27552

Language: English

Series: Departmental Publication (CFS - Edmonton)

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Crown and slash weights from 405 lodgepole pine trees in pure, even-aged stands were sampled. Graphical analysis showed that individual crown weights are directly proportional to diameter (b.h.). Slash weight-merchantable volume ratios varied inversely as average stand diameter for stands up to 7 inches and remained constant for stands of 7 to 9 inches diameter. Surface area per pound of slash is directly proportional to the average diameter of the original stand. This information is useful to land managers involved in logging or landclearing operations where disposal of slash by burning for sanitation, regeneration or hazard abatement purposes is considered.