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The National Tree Seed Centre celebrates 40 years. 2007. Simpson, J.D.; Wang, B.S.P. The Forestry Chronicle 83: 719-722.

Year: 2007

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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The National Tree Seed Centre has been providing seed of known origin and quality for research for 40 years. Seed is also stored for long-term gene conservation purposes to provide a source of germplasm for future research and restoration. This is particularly important for species facing such threats as insect attack, disease, climate change, or conversion of forest land to non-forest uses. The Centre's inventory focuses on native tree and shrub species, striving to store samples from throughout their ranges. Over 26 000 seed samples have been sent to researchers in 65 countries, 70% of these samples being distributed within Canada. Seed research has always been a component of the Seed Centre's program. One notable accomplishment is the development of the Petawawa Germination Box. The Seed Centre participates in and contributes to activities of the Association of Official Seed Analysts, the International Seed Testing Association, and the IUFRO Seed Physiology and Technology Research Group.