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Stand, growth, and nitrogen content of red pine seedlings following chemical treatment of the soil to control disease. 1965. Sutherland, J.R.; Adams, R.E. Tree Planters' Notes 16(4): 7-10.

Year: 1965

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 27756

Language: English

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D-D mixture, methyl bromide, Nemagon, and Vapam were used to control nematodes and fungi--the possible causes of pre- and postemergence losses of red pine in a West Virginia nursery. Their effects on growth and nitrogen content of the seedlings also were determined. Methyl bromide was the most effective material for improving seedling stands . the first year, Vapam was partially effective, and the other materials were ineffective. After the first year, none of the treatments resulted in a significantly greater seedling top growth than what occurred in the control. Only seedlings from the methyl bromide treatment showed a significantly greater root length. At the beginning of the third growing season, seedlings in the methyl bromide and control plots had the best top growth. There were no significant differences in the nitrogen content of the seedling tops from any of the treatments the first year. Only the roots from the methyl bromide treatment had a significant increase in nitrogen content. At the beginning of the third growing season, the tops of seedlings from the methyl bromide plots contained less nitrogen than did seedlings from the other plots.