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Exposure of ichnovirus particles to digitonin leads to enhanced infectivity and induces fusion from without in an in vitro model system. 2007. Stoltz, D.; Lapointe, R.; Makkay, A.; Cusson, M. J. Gen. Virol. 88: 2977-2984.

Year: 2007

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 28033

Language: English

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Unlike most viruses, the mature ichnovirus particle possesses two unit membrane envelopes. Following loss of the outer membrane in vivo, nucleocapsids are believed to gain entry into the cytosol via a membrane fusion event involving the inner membrane and the plasma membrane of susceptible host cells; accordingly, experimentally induced damage to the outer membrane might be expected to increase infectivity. Here, in an attempt to develop an in vitro model system for studying ichnovirus infection, we show that digitonin-induced disruption of the virion outer membrane not only increases infectivity, but also uncovers an activity not previously associated with any polydnavirus: fusion from without.