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Analysis of the Newfoundland Forest Service Permanent Sample Plot Dead Wood Transect Dataset. (Online PDF only). 2007. Moroni, M.T.; Harris, D.D. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Atlantic Forestry Centre, Corner Brook (NL). Information Report M-X--M-X-221E. 11 p. (includes: bibliography).

Year: 2007

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 28038

Language: English

Series: Information Report (AFC - Fredericton)

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The Newfoundland Forest Service (NFS) and the Canadian Forest Service cooperated to review the NFS permanent sample plot (PSP) dead wood data and data collection procedures. Dead tree (snag) frequency and diameter at breast height (dbh) data from the dead wood transect, when combined with the same data from the greater PSP plot, should be sufficient to estimate dead tree frequency by dbh class, and provide coarse estimates of dead tree volume for all Newfoundland PSPs. In addition, the frequency and diameters at what would have been breast height for downed dead wood (or woody debris (WD)), when combined with the same data from the greater PSP should be sufficient to estimate WD frequency separated by dbh across PSPs. However, only untagged trees within the PSP are recorded. Tagged dead trees that met PSP tagging criteria, that were either tagged when dead or tagged live trees that subsequently died, are not included in the dead wood transect. As such, other attributes recorded in the dead wood transect that were not also recorded for tagged dead trees in the greater PSP plot are incompletely measured. Changes to the PSP data collection procedures are recommended in order to make the dead wood data more complete and useful.

Also available under the title:
Analyse de la base de données sur les transects de bois mort des placettes d’échantillonnage permanentes du Newfoundland Forest Service (French)