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Public views on forest management in New Brunswick: report from a provincial survey. 2008. Nadeau, S.; Beckley, T.M.; Huddart Kennedy, E.; McFarlane, B.L.; Wyatt, S. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Atlantic Forestry Centre, Fredericton, N.B. Information Report M-X-222E. 77 p.

Year: 2008

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 28113

Language: English

Series: Information Report (AFC - Fredericton)

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Forests are an important feature of New Brunswick’s landscape and the backbone of a key sector of the province’s economy. In recent years, a wide range of views have been expressed about the management of these forests, especially those on Crown lands. However, the voices that are most often heard are those of key stakeholder groups, and it is difficult to tell the degree to which they reflect the views of the general public. Seeking a clearer understanding of how New Brunswickers use and value forests, what they think about forest management and policy, and how they wish to be involved in the future, New Brunswick’s Department of Natural Resources sponsored a survey of the general population of the province. Stratified random sampling was employed to ensure that respondents from four targeted geographic groups were equally represented. These groups are: major urban areas, and areas with low, moderate, and high economic forest dependency. More than 1500 New Brunswickers participated in a mail survey during the winter of 2007. This report presents the first analysis of the survey results and serves two important functions. First, it partially fulfils the government’s commitment to give the public more opportunity to express its views regarding forest management and policy in New Brunswick. Second, it provides policy makers and forest managers with a reliable snapshot of New Brunswickers’ forest values in 2007. We hope this information will be useful in charting a way forward for how we manage and benefit from the province’s Crown forests.

Also available under the title:
Opinions du public sur la gestion des forêts au Nouveau-Brunswick: rapport de l’enquête provinciale (French)