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Taxonomy of Phomopsis boycei and its relationship to Potebniamyces balsamicola. 1970. Funk, A. Canadian Journal of Botany 48(6): 1023-1025.

Year: 1970

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Language: English

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DOI: 10.1139/b70-145

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Abstract: It is shown that two varieties of Potebniamyces balsamicola Smerlis cause stem cankers of fir (Abies spp.). Although identical in their perfect states, the two fungi differ from each other in their conidial states. The conidial state of P. balsamicola var. balsamicola, previously described but not named by Smerlis, is herewith named Phacidiopycnis balsamicola sp. nov.; the conidial state of Potebniamyces balsamicola var. boycei var. nov. is Phomopsis boycei Hahn, which is here transferred to the genus Phacidiopycnis. The genetic connection between Phomopsis boycei and Potebniamyces balsamicola var. boycei is confirmed by culture.



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