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Identification of control agents and factors affecting pathogenicity of Phytophthora ramorum. 2008. Elliott, M.; Shamoun, S.F.; Sumampong, G.; Brière, S.C.; Masri, S.; Varga, A.; James, D. Pages 347-350 in S.J. Frankel, J.T. Kliejunas, and K.M. Palmieri, technical coordinators. Proceedings of the sudden oak death third science symposium, March 5-9, 2008, Santa Rosa, CA. US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Albany, CA, General Technical Report PSW-GTR-214.

Year: 2008

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 28662

Language: English

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A collection of 67 isolates of Phytophthora ramorum from the United States (U.S.), European Union (EU), and Canada was screened using differences in phenotypic traits (pathogenicity, growth rate at several temperatures, and sensitivity/resistance to metalaxyl, dimethomorph, and streptomycin) and for presence of cytoplasmic elements (dsRNA and plasmids). Results of these tests showed a high level of variation among P. ramorum isolates. Isolates which differed by +/- two standard deviations from the mean are being examined for presence of dsRNA viruses and DNA plasmids. Plasmids were extracted from some of these isolates and are being characterized. To date, no dsRNA viruses have been isolated.