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Nucleotide Sequence and Transcriptional Analysis of a Putative Basic DNA-Binding Protein of Heticoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus. 2001. Wang, H.; Chen, X.; Wang, H.; Arif, B.M.; Vlak, J.M.; Hu, Z. Virus Genes 22: 113 - 120.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 28922

Language: English

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A putative basic DNA-bind ing protein (BOBP) gene was idcnuficd in the fragment Ew RI-K of the Helicoverpa urmigcra single-nucleocapsid nuclcopolyhcdrovirus (HearNPVj genome. The ORF is 330 nucleotides long encoding a basic prc rcin of 109 amino acids with a molecular mass of 11.6 kDa. It is tlte first BDBP identified in single nucleocapsid NPVs and a homologue of Autographa caltfornica MNI'V (AcMNPV) 1'6.9. A co nsensus late transcription motif, ATAAG, was found at 57 nt upstream of the translational start codon and a polyadcnylunon signal was observed at 172 nt downstream of the stop codon. A major transcript of 620 nt W lL~ tir'it observed in lIearNPV-infected IIz2e5 ce lls 16 h post infection. Primer extension analysis revealed that thi s transcript initiated from the first residue of the consensus ATAAG late transcription start motif. Comparison with other baculo vira l BORPs showed that they all cont ained two conserved cAMP- and cGMI'-dependelll protein kinase phosphorylation motifs, R-R-R-S. The lIearNPV 1'6.9 homologue is the longest BOHP found so far in baculovtruscs.