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Assessment and projection of carbon budget in forests of Vologda Region using the Canadian model CBM-CFS (in Russian) 2008. Zamolodchikov, D.G.; Grabovsky, V.I.; Korovin, G.N.; Kurz, W.A. Lesovedenie 6: 3-14. (includes: summary in English).

Year: 2008

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 29030

Language: Russian

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The Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS) was used for the assessment and projection of the carbon budget in forests of the Vologda region. The methods developed to import and parameterize the Canadian model take into account specific Russian approaches to forest inventories. The comparison of model results with the estimates based on Russian methodology has revealed a good agreement for carbon pools in the phytomass and soil and some discrepancy for those in dead wood and litter. Using the model, projections for the long-term dynamics of carbon stocks were made for two levels of disturbances, and their full absence. Within the next 100 years, in the Vologda region, the carbon stocks in the phytomass of forests (361.2 million t C) would increase by 22% if disturbances were close to their mean levels over the period 1992–2005 and would decrease by 7% at the disturbance levels of 1948–1991. The carbon reserves of the phytomass would increase by 52% in the absence of disturbances. The changes in the dead organic matter pools (dead wood, litter, soil) are insignificant compared to those in phytomass, for all the scenarios considered. Under increasing disturbance of the forests, a trend of transforming forests into a carbon source should be taken into account upon planning the intensification of forest use in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.