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Five years’ storage of seeds from three willow species. 2009. Simpson, J.D.; Daigle, B.I. Native Plants 10(1): 63-67.

Year: 2009

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 30094

Language: English

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Seeds of Salix bebbiana Sarg., S. discolor Muhl., and S. eriocephala Michx. (Salicaceae) were stored at two moisture contents (low, 5.1 to 7.3% and high, 8.5 to 98%) and 4 temperatures (4, -20, -80, and -145°C [39, -4, -112, -229°F]) for 60 mo. Seeds stored at -4°C lost most or all viability by 24 mo. We observed no significant difference in germination between the 2 seed moisture contents for each species. After 60 mo of subzero storage, germination of S. bebbiana seeds declined from 89 to 83%, S. discolor from 60 to 54%, and S. eriocephala from 71 to 54%.