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Biomass energy production opportunities from large scale disturbances in Western Canada. 2008. Stennes, B.; McBeath, A.; Wilson, W.R. Pages 229-239 in L. Cesaro, P. Gatto, and D. Pettenella, editors. The multifunctional role of forests - policies, methods and case studies. EFI Proceedings No. 55, April 24-30, 2005, Padova, Italy. European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland. 380 p.

Year: 2008

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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A variety of economic and policy vehicles have been deployed in European and North American jurisdictions designed to facilitate investment in biomass energy production. This paper discusses a number of these vehicles and their impact on investment decisions. The biomass energy options of direct fired feedstock, co-firing of thermal energy production and fuel pellets are discussed in detail. The potential for carbon credits to encourage investment in biomass energy is examined. The context for much of the analysis presented is the large mountain pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia. This forest pest outbreak, which has spread through an area of almost 10 million hectares of mature pine forests, may be a leading indicator of the scale of future natural disturbances supported by a more benign climate. This paper provides an economic perspective to the financial feasibility of biomass energy, an overview to a selection of public policy vehicles used to promote biomass energy production, and an examination of the economic potential for biomass energy to serve as option to capture value from the legacy of standing dead timber from a large mountain pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia. The paper concludes with a brief discussion on select barriers to biomass energy.