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Studies of the culture of Atropellis Piniphila. 1961. Hopkins, J.C. Canadian Journal of Botany 39(6): 1521-1529.

Year: 1961

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 30671

Language: English

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Isolates of Atropellis piniphila were grown from single ascospores, and from cankers on lodgepole pine. A variety of media were tested for their capacity to support growth of the isolates. Descriptions of cultural and microscopical characters were prepared. Endoconidia were produced abundantly by most of the isolates after growth at 50%, or higher, relative humidity, but they were absent from most of the cultures which had been grown at 10% relative humidity. Attempts to grow apothecia in culture were unsuccessful. The cardinal temperatures for growth occurred at 4°, 18°, and at 24 °C. The optimum pH for growth in buffered media occurred at between 3.0 and 4.0. In media containing varying concentrations of carbon and nitrogen, growth was maximal on those containing 4% dextrose and 0.4% ammonium succinate. Of seven vitamins tested, a deficiency for thiamine alone was demonstrated.