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Using null model analysis of species co-occurences to deconstruct biodiversity patterns and select indicator species. 2009. Azeria, E.T.; Fortin, D.; Hébert, C.; Peres-Neto, P.; Pothier, D.; Ruel, J.C.; Ruel, J.C. Diversity and Distributions 15: 958-971.

Year: 2009

Available from: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 30680

Language: English

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Using total species richness to characterize biodiversity may mask multiple response patterns of species. We propose a null model analysis of species cooccurrence-based classification to identify sets of species that may have similar (within-groups) and distinct (between groups) response patterns to their environment. The classification should also provide an explicit framework for selecting indicator species with characteristic co-occurrence patterns to predict overall species richness.

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