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Sex pheromone components of the oak leaf shredder, croesia semipurpurana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) 1997. Silk, P.J.; Kuenen, L.P.S.; Alford, A.R.; Lonergan, G.C.; Grant, G.G. The Canadian Entomologist 129: 1001 - 1008.

Year: 1997

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 31289

Language: English

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Using gas chromatography and gas chromatography - mass spectrometry analyses of sex pheromone gland volatiles, we identified E- and Z-11-tetradecenals (E:Z-11- 1 4 : ~ l d )in an 85:k blend of E:Z as the primary sex pheromone components of Croesia sernipurpurana (Kearfott). Similar chemical analyses of sex pheromone gland extracts indicated the presence of the congeneric acetates (85:15 E:Z-ll- 14:Ac) and their saturated analogue (14:Ac); in addition, 85: 15 E:Z-l l-14:Alds were present at 5% of the acetates. The E:Z-1 l-14:Alds alone elicited trap capture; admixtures of saturated and unsaturated acetate analogues exhibited no significant synergistic or inhibitory effects. PVC rods with an 85:15 E:Z-11-14:Ald blend is recommended as a trap bait for monitoring population trends. It is unknown whether or not the components identified here represent the complete pheromone blend of this species; data from traps suspended 1.5 m above the ground versus those suspended 10 m above the ground suggest that future field studies may need to be conducted with traps positioned in the tree canopy.