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Review of adventive species of Coleoptera (Insecta) recorded from eastern Canada. 2010. Klimaszewski, J.; Langor, D.W.; Majka, C.G.; Bouchard, P.; Bousquet, Y.; LeSage, L.; Smetana, A.; Sylvestre, P.; Pelletier, G.; Davies, A.; DesRochers, P.; Goulet, H.; Webster, R.P.; Sweeney, J.D. Pensoft, Sofia, Bulgaria. 272 p. (This priced publication is available through the publisher, Pensoft, at:

Year: 2010

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 31793

Language: English

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This publication provides the first comprehensive account of adventive species of Coleoptera recorded from eastern Canada, and includes 510 adventive species in 290 genera and 48 families (Table 1). When compared with the most recent checklist of beetles (Bousquet 1991), this represents an increase of 142 in the total number of adventive beetle species in eastern Canada. Of the 510 adventive species in eastern Canada, 419 are recorded from Quebec, 283 from New Brunswick, 357 from Nova Scotia, 198 from Prince Edward Island, and 195 species from Newfoundland and Labrador. The highest numbers of adventive species were found in "species-rich" families, i.e., the Staphylinidae with 120 species (15.5%), Curculionidae with 85 species (20.8 %), Chrysomelidae with 43 species (14.2%), and Carabidae with 45 species (9%) (Table 1). The families with the highest percentages of adventive species were moderate to small, e.g., Dermestidae (16 sp., 66.7%), Latridiidae (20 sp., 51.3%), Silvanidae (6 sp., 42.9%), Monotomidae (5 sp., 38.5%), Cryptophagidae (10 sp., 32.3%), Bostrichidae (4 sp., 30.8%), and the Ptiniidae (10 sp., 29.4%) (Table 1), and these families have a high number of cosmopolitan species. Adventive species represent approximately 15.5% of the total Coleoptera fauna in Nova Scotia, 12.6% in New Brunswick, 22.4% in Prince Edward Island, and 17.7% in Newfoundland and Labrador. Overall, adventive species constitute approximately 14.6% of the total beetle fauna in the 48 families from the region. It is difficult to estimate precisely the total current number of Coleoptera species in eastern Canada but, based on an estimate of 4000-5000 species, adventive species constiture 10-13% of the total beetle fauna. Additional detailed studies are needed to understand the impact of these species on the native biota and our economy.